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Our Services

Heng Seng provides professional and hassle-free pawnbroking services for your financial needs. We are a trusted provider of quick and hassle-free cash for customers who are looking to pawn their valuables. We also sell quality pre-owned valuables at our storefront and on our online store. 


At Heng Seng, you will be able to:

  • Sell your valuables to us with no questions asked

  • Pawn your valuables to us for a high value

  • Enjoy free market valuation for the valuables that you bring in

  • Browse and purchase pre-owned valuables at discounted prices

  • Have your item professionally appraised for a nominal fee


Heng Seng Pawnshop trades, swaps, barters or laybys quality used goods that our customers bring in. We also offer consignment services to sell these goods on our customers' behalf. Our customers can choose to transact with us through cash, Visa, MasterCard, Bank Card or Eftpos at their convenience. 

We pride ourselves on conducting our business honestly and fairly, bound by the ethical code of the Pawnbrokers Association of Singapore. 



Pawn Procedure

Bring along the valuable item that you wish to pawn

Bring along your identity card or any document that validates your identity

Receive cash for your pawned item

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